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Sales Materials Optimization

Help me close sales with simpler yet more interactive sales materials
Top Benefits
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increase revenue per customer
  • Eliminate low-value work
Tablet and desktop user experience research for 25,000 Field Sales Associates
  • Ride-alongs and interviews with sales reps to find opportunities for improvement
  • Audit of existing tablet, desktop and paper sales tools to identify inefficiencies
  • Flagged sales materials and process “hot spots” where costly errors were most likely to occur
  • Delivered key technical and UX recommendations for optimizing existing sales materials library
Thrive at Work
  • Stakeholders achieved consensus on scope of problem facing associates at their 1,500-plus locations
  • Headquarters gained visibility into field sales needs, and budget future initiatives with confidence
  • Stakeholders learned limitations of current sales platform and path to overcome them

Sales Materials Compliance

Help me understand how my team uses existing field sales materials with customers
Top Benefits
  • Operational efficiency
  • Enable legal compliance
  • Eliminate low-value work
iPad experience research for Field Sales Associates in U.S. and Canada
  • User experience analysis of existing sales process to find opportunities for improvement
  • Audit of existing iPad sales tools to identify where reps wasted the most time doing low-value work
  • Observed how existing sales materials (PDFs) were actually used in the field; gave recommendations to improve future design
  • Created an “art of possible” vision illustrating key technologies that can improve interactions between field sales and customers
Thrive at Work
  • Stakeholders had a clear message and vision they were confident in communicating to worldwide leaders
  • Field sales participants felt their voices were finally being heard by the company
  • Results of program helped company prioritize future IT and business spend

Sales Experience Reinvented

Help me sell more automobiles in less time while creating a highly interactive buyer experience
Top Benefits
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increase market share
  • Reduce turnover
Experience design and iPad app development for 9,300 associates across 100 dealerships in 14 states
  • Audited existing tools by working side-by-side with sales to uncover roadblocks and bottlenecks
  • Designed first-ever connected app experience, giving the sales team effortless access to information at the point of need, eliminating requirements for 3rd party assistance
  • Developed 6 iPad apps and an interactive video wall to make the car buying process highly efficient and fun for sales associates and buyers
Thrive at Work
  • Time to sell an automobile slashed from 4+ hours to under 1 hour
  • In one region, market share grew from 12% to 21%
  • At launch, employee turnover fell to virtually zero

Sales Team Mobilized

Help me show prospects complex technical solutions at trade shows outside of my booth
Top Benefits
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Increase flexibility
Experience design and iPad app development for 200 sales professionals 
  • Designed an employee experience on the iPad to demonstrate solutions and remove requirements for being “in booth” at trade shows
  • Invested in long-term success by designing an app and administration portal to which sales leadership could add new content without Lextech’s assistance
Thrive at Work
  • Decreased spend by eliminating need for costly physical equipment
  • Removed sales obstacle of needing to be in the trade show booth to demonstrate products, giving sales freedom to perform anywhere
  • Expanded opportunities to sell outside of trade shows

Sales Process Audit

Help me sell and design new homes in a way that is easy and engaging for buyers
Top Benefits
  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Increase employee engagement
Experience design for home construction company in with 56,000 employees in 14 states
  • Journey mapping for sales and home design process to identify points of friction
  • Explore “art of the possible” to shift sales team focus from lower to higher value work
  • Prioritize business value delivered by potential solutions
Thrive at Work
  • Executive leadership finally had an accurate picture of process obstacles and strengths, framed from the customer’s point of view
  • Engaged sales staff, excited about the future

Sales Estimate Creation

Help me create fast, accurate quotes for equipment rental
Top Benefits
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate roadblocks
iPad experience design and development for scaffolding rental with sales staff in 400 locations in 34 states
  • Analysis of existing tools and process to identify roadblocks that lengthened the sales estimation process
  • Design and development of iPad app to capture relevant data and submit to headquarters for a quick-turnaround quote
Thrive at Work
  • Reduction in quote turnaround time saving sales hours, and in some cases days
  • Increase in quote accuracy
  • Sales can focus on what matters most to them, customers

Business Insights for Sales Leaders

Help me monitor key performance metrics for my branch
Top Benefits
  • Instant access to data
  • Operational efficiencies
App Development for Sales Leaders Managing 12,000 Retail Locations with More 100,000 Financial Professionals
  • iPhone and iPad app design to provide effortless access to sales performance data that can be sorted by branch or financial service professional
  • Collaborative iOS app development to deliver speed to business value
Thrive at Work
  • Key insights help leaders better manage each branch
  • Transparent metrics fosters friendly competition between branches

Field Sales Audits

Help me expedite the auditing process to generate new business more quickly
Top Benefits
  • Operational efficiency
  • Eliminate double data entry
App Experience Design and Development for 200 Field Sales Professionals
  • Start with the “why” of reducing turnaround time for energy efficiency audits on commercial buildings
  • Develop iPad app to capture relevant data and make intelligent suggestions based on the data entered
Thrive at Work
  • Audit process reduced from a multi-day 10-12 hour process down to just 4 hours
  • Ability to take photos with iPad reduced reliance on bulky camera equipment

Sales Order Processing

Help me process orders securely and quickly so I can focus on building relationships
Top Benefits
  • Operational efficiency
  • Increase order accuracy
App Experience Design and Development for 40,000 Consultants at A Multinational Multi-level Marketing Company
  • Invested in success of consultants by becoming a registered consultant and hosting sales events to better understand the process
  • Designed and developed an iPhone app to capture orders for merchandise, collect contact information for future marketing, and highlight promotions to increase sales
  • Allowed consultants to focus on the higher-value work of building relationships with their guests rather than time-consuming and error-prone order capture via paper
Thrive at Work
  • Eliminate order entry errors associated with paper-based order capture
  • Increase likelihood of promotion purchases
  • Immediate in-party processing of orders vs. holding orders to enter at month’s end gives headquarters more visibility into sales as they happen

Lead Capture for Sales

Help us create products that enable our to customers collect and manage leads at a trade show
Top Benefits
  • New product offerings
  • Operational efficiency
App Development for Leading Provider in Event Registration Services
  • Designed and developed 3 apps for iPhone and Android: one for exhibitors to collect and manage sales leads, one for attendees to manage their event experience, and one for administrators
  • Invested in long-term success by creating an administrator tool to generate unique customer-skinned versions of the attendee app across all platforms
Thrive at Work
  • Products allowed client to better serve their customers with tools that were in high demand
  • Unlocked attendees’ pre-event access to exhibitors, allowing them to schedule and confirm appointments before arriving

Pricing Projections for Sales

Help me sell building materials for a profit amidst fluctuating prices
Top Benefits
  • Increase order profitability
  • More accurate estimates
App Development for 9,200 Building Materials Sales and Managers in 423 Locations Nationwide
  • Developed iPad app to allow staff to create estimates in the field for 30/60/90 day projected materials pricing
  • Created pricing algorithm to ensure entire order met minimum margin requirements, with margin per building material item highlighted
  • Built-in manager approval process for orders outside the scope of minimum margin requirements
Thrive at Work
  • Estimates and orders meet minimum margin requirements (or have explicit approval to deviate from them)
  • Sales credibility increases as sales estimates more closely reflect final pricing

Sales Appointment Setting at Events

Help me capture leads and schedule appointments while at marketing events
Top Benefits
  • Increase appointment conversions
  • Ability to measure marketing effectiveness
App Design and Development for Financial Services Company with 90,000+ Seasonal Employees
  • Observed bottlenecks in existing process; paper-based collection tool and follow up calls to set appointments resulting in lower appointment conversions
  • Developed iPhone and iPad apps to give sales staff freedom to schedule appointments and collect prospect data at community events
Thrive at Work
  • Increased accuracy of and ability to measure effectiveness of marketing spend on events
  • Increased volume of appointment setting potential