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App Development for Leading Provider in Event Registration Services

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How Lextech Helped

Designed and developed 3 apps for iPhone and Android: one for exhibitors to collect and manage sales leads, one for attendees to manage their event experience, and one for administrators

Invested in long-term success by creating an administrator tool to generate unique customer-skinned versions of the attendee app across all platforms


Thrive At Work

Products allowed client to better serve their customers with tools that were in high demand
Unlocked attendees’ pre-event access to exhibitors, allowing them to schedule and confirm appointments before arriving

If You Need CrewHub or CrewView Support

If you are a Southwest Airlines Crew member and need install instructions for CrewHub or CrewView on a personal device, please look in Comply365 and search for CrewHub or CrewView.

If you need other support, do NOT fill out the form below. Instead, send an email to efb@wnco.com (Flight Ops) or efam@wnco.com (Inflight)

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