Lextech works across Flight, InFlight, Ground Operations and Technical Operations to construct employee experiences that help people Thrive at Work.

Lextech serves three of the top five largest fleets in North America, improving the lives of 75,000 aviation employees.

We help aviation clients define vision, develop strategies, build and implement technology solutions focused on delivering business outcomes.

Our strategy consultants, experience designers and developers have helped aviation clients with solutions for crew schedules, open time, accommodations and transportation, digital flight releases, electronic log books, maintenance technician MRO applications, baggage services and charter flight management. We’ve deployed solutions to iOS EFBs, Android scanning platforms, and corporate-managed and BYOD devices.

Solutions we've delivered to aviation clients:

Flight Crew of the Future

Digital Trip

Mobile Flight Plan Filing

Ground Ops Roadmap

Digital Logbook

Customer Baggage Operations

Work Event Manager

We are innovative thinkers who care about our clients as long-term partners.

How can we help? Contact us at info@lextech.com or fill out this form.