Our Mission

We can’t fly planes or invent vaccines, but Lextech’s superpower is helping our customers make work better so people thrive at work.

By better, we mean faster, easier, smarter — and always with the proper balance of emerging technology and human touch. The lessons we have learned from that mission, building tools that power great user experiences, have sustained our business for the past 20 years.

In those two decades of work, we have seen so much promise and potential to improve people’s lives. Solve complex business challenges that drive vital business results and boost employee productivity. Improve employee satisfaction and retention through better workflows. Empower people, not replace them.

So employees don’t get bogged down with menial mind-numbing tasks. So employees connect and collaborate smoothly.

So employees come home to their families sooner.

That’s my passion: Caring for people who need technology to work for them, not against them. That passion shapes what we mean when we say freedom to perform.

At Lextech, we continually remind ourselves that giving employees the freedom to perform is at the center of everything we do. We succeed when we help our clients empower people with technology.

Let’s “power up” employees together!

Alex Bratton

Lextech CEO and Chief Geek