Our Mission

We can’t fly planes or invent vaccines, but Lextech’s superpower is helping our customers make work better so people thrive at work.

By better, we mean faster, easier, smarter — and always with the proper balance of emerging technology and human touch. The lessons we have learned from that mission, building tools that power great user experiences, have sustained our business for the past 20 years.

In those two decades of work, we have seen so much promise and potential to improve people’s lives. Solve complex business challenges that drive vital business results and boost employee productivity. Improve employee satisfaction and retention through better workflows. Empower people, not replace them.

So employees don’t get bogged down with menial mind-numbing tasks. So employees connect and collaborate smoothly.

So employees come home to their families sooner.

That’s my passion: Caring for people who need technology to work for them, not against them. That passion shapes what we mean when we say freedom to perform.

At Lextech, we continually remind ourselves that giving employees the freedom to perform is at the center of everything we do. We succeed when we help our clients empower people with technology.

Let’s “power up” employees together!

Alex Bratton

Lextech CEO and Chief Geek


CEO and Chief Geek Alex Bratton starts Lextech in the basement of his home. Lextech starts life with the mission to make advanced engineering projects usable for non-technical people.

First Project

The company’s first project was as a subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, connecting mission-critical hardware including missile systems and naval video security cameras.

First Office

Lextech grows to nine employees and moves to its first physical office in Lisle, Ill.

iPhone Launch

With the iPhone’s release, Lextech shifts its attention to designing and developing better mobile experiences. (Fun fact: The team got in line at 4 a.m. in front of an AT&T store in Wheaton, Ill. to pick up the company’s first iPhones.)

Mobile Innovation

Lextech pushes the iPhone to its technological limits. One example: Connecting an iPhone to control a ground-based radar and video system. It also starts offer UX and interface design services to help deliver better experiences for mobile apps.

Build Buzz

Lextech’s advanced mobile technology initiatives gain the attention of both government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Lextech is asked by Apple to brief dozens of U.S. agencies on the power of mobility and apps.

Succeed With Mobile

Seeing the growth of mobile apps in the enterprise years ahead of everyone else, Lextech starts offering enterprise-level services including app ideation and mobile strategy.

Sonic Boom

Lextech begins a successful collaboration with Fortune 500 company Sonic Automotive to reinvent the car sales experience. A four-hour sale with people from multiple departments transformed into a 45-minute sale with a single experience guide handling the entire transaction.

Award Winner

Lextech Labs wins Chicago Innovation Award for iRa C3, a groundbreaking mobile app that gives security and crisis response teams around the world real-time situational awareness to communicate and make and time-sensitive decisions.

Growth Continues

Lextech works with new clients such as retailer CDW (to redesign its e-commerce experience), CommScope and the University of Illinois.

Back To School

Lextech develops a new mobile design and development curriculum in collaboration with Northern Illinois University.

Continue To Build

Lextech works with new clients such as H&R Block, The Pampered Chef and John Deere.

New Industries

Lextech works with new clients such as OldCastle and Abbvie.

Billion Dollar Apps

Alex Bratton writes the book “Billion Dollar Apps” and invents the App Roadmap Workshop experience, which helps companies identify and prioritize the best app experiences to help their employees and customers succeed with mobile.

Fruitful Partnership

Lextech is proud to become one of the very first official mobility partners for one of the world's most admired computer companies. This successful partnership continues today.

Recipe for Success

Lextech introduces Recipe for Success, a new way for companies to identify which elements are missing from their existing programs to succeed with their employee enterprise operations.

Take Flight

Lextech joins ARINC’s EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) subcommittee, and begins supporting the aviation-industry group in drafting the ARINC 840A spec. This provides a common standard protocol for mobile apps to share information effectively and make pilots' lives easier.

Life Sciences

Lextech joins the Pistoia Alliance and joins efforts such as Lab of the Future and Data and UX in Life Sciences.


Lextech helps launch a new sister company LexGo, a digital platform that reinvents how people can work remotely effectively and build better connections at virtual events.


Lextech reaffirms its mission to help employees Thrive At Work by understanding the 4 enemies of employee effectiveness, and helping our clients overcome Enterprise Workflow Chaos. That mission resonates with our newest clients in manufacturing.

See The Future

Lextech helps clients understand how spatial computing and computer vision can augment and revolutionize enterprise workflows such as technical training, inventory management and real-time operational awareness.