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Lextech's Guided Work platform integrates into your existing repair/maintenance work management system so your front-line technicians can work faster and better with spatial + AI computing.

Our Guided Work platform addresses a key use case for Apple Vision Pro in the enterprise.

Guided Work benefits repair technicians, experts and trainers who work on large, complex pieces of equipment – vehicles, turbines, engines, and industrial and manufacturing equipment.

Guided Work is just one element of our full spatial computing suite of services to support Apple Vision Pro in the enterprise!

The Workforce Challenge

The Guided Work Solution

A custom-crafted Guided Work app improves employee productivity, bridges gaps and empowers new technicians to learn faster. Linking digital and physical environments provides the right data at the right time in the right context.

Empowered Technicians

Lextech custom-crafts your Guided Work app to meet specific workflow needs around equipment installation, maintenance and repairs.

Guided Work is easy to integrate into your existing service and repair infrastructure, especially for teams already equipped with iPads.

Why Lextech Developed Guided Work

Real-World Experience

More than two decades
helping employees in the enterprise

Use Cases

Day-of-repair support,
over-the-shoulder expert,
parts identification

Immersive + AI

Interact with 3D models, or quickly get info from parts and instruction manuals with our AI assistant

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