Lextech's Guided Work platform improves employee productivity, bridges gaps and empowers new technicians to learn faster. Linking digital and physical environments provides the right data at the right time in the right context.

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Break new ground in the enterprise and lead the charge to pioneer spatial computing for your employees. Discover the meaningful innovations that boost efficiency, productivity and ROI.

Our clients, some of the world’s most respected brands, have tamed enterprise workflow chaos by tapping into Lextech and its two decades of enterprise employee experience and expertise.


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The Lextech process: Find the big business need, understand employee needs, then drive meaningful outcomes.
Leading the Charge.

As a trusted advisor to many Fortune 500 companies, we are 100% all-in early adopters of Apple Vision Pro for the enterprise.

For the past year, Lextech has consulted, designed and developed spatial computing use cases and functional prototypes with our most forward-thinking enterprise clients.

Lextech is one of the world’s first companies to create enterprise-grade proof of concept apps (POCs) for our clients, whether it’s upgrading existing iPadOS apps for spatial computing, or building completely new spatial experiences that reinvent how people Thrive At Work.

Big Problem Solvers.

Our clients are tackling big, hairy workforce business problems, and that’s where Lextech shines.

Whether it’s iPhone, iPad, or Apple Vision Pro, we always lead with employees at the center, and use them as a lens to understand their needs.

Then, we build purpose-built solutions that make the most sense for them and for your business.

Solutions with a compelling “why” that drive meaningful business results.

Make the Case.

Let’s build a strong business case for Apple Vision Pro at your organization. Our spatial computing experts will make sure your solutions have business impact, love from your users, and a technically feasible plan.

In the enterprise, meaningful change only happens with an approved budget: Lextech’s proof-of-concepts make spatial innovation real and meaningful to the business, and capture the right kind of attention to drive budget decisions.

On The Fence? We Can Help.

We get it. Apple Vision Pro is such a revolutionary new product, it can be difficult for some business leaders to see how it fits into their company.

What real big, hairy business problems could be solved with spatial computing?

Our active research and development of business use cases has helped us not only invent the art of the possible, but also find the pitfalls and gotchas you’ll face with spatial computing.

If you’re still unsure of how Apple Vision Pro might work for you, let’s talk.

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Watch the future unfold.

Watch Lextech's 30 Days of Apple Vision Pro in the Enterprise:

Day 18: UX of the Long Gaze in Spatial Interfaces

A "long gaze" exists in the Apple Vision Pro???

Actually, yes! There are a few places that already have the ability to be interacted with using a longer gaze, but not as many as you would think. And when you start looking critically at how that interaction style could be used, there are a lot of places where a long gaze would enhance the interaction with the Apple Vision Pro to make it more effective and efficient.

Day 17: Demo Spatial Apps Even Better With a Mac

If you know the secret, demonstrating spatial experiences to remote users can be really impactful and straight forward. Part of the magic is the Reflector 4 app for the Mac that allows you to send the Apple Vision Pro display into a window on the Mac that can then be shared with your favorite video meeting tool. It's a great way to bring remote folks into your spatial experiences.

Day 16: How To Demo Spatial Apps

Sharing spatial app experiences with others who aren't Apple Vision Pro equipped during this time of discovery is so important. Here's a run through of how to do a simple Apple Vision Pro app demo or presentation using Zoom - and the limitations you'll run into (with Zoom).

This is part of a two-part series: The other video shows how to give an awesome demo of a spatial app to remote participants using the Apple Vision Pro and your Mac.

Day 15: Apple Vision Pro on an Airplane

What's one amazing benefit to flying with the Apple Vision Pro?Brian Mila gives us two!

1. He can take a 40" monitor with him on the plane, which allows him to be 100% productive during flights.

2. He has 100% security from other people being able to see his screen when he is working with confidential or proprietary information.

Bonus item: The ability to be in a fully immersed environment might help some people who have fear of flying, but it also might be less helpful for people who have trouble with motion sickness.

To make this work, you need to run this command on your Mac laptop to prevent the laptop from sleeping when you close it (unless you have power to plug it in):

"sudo pmset disablesleep 1"

Day 14: The Spatial Designer Skill Set

What extra skills are needed to transition from a UX designer to a spatial designer?Not as many as you might think! In this segment, Brian Mila talks about what skills allow designers to flourish in a spatial design setting, with particular attention to the new skills that designers need to be able to work hand-in-hand with developers to decrease the time spent to get to high-quality outputs for the Apple Vision Pro.In the video, Brian references his skills matrix that he uses to track his team’s design skills, which you can read more about here:


And here is Brian's Figma template if you’d like to create your own skill matrix:


Day 13: A Different UX Workflow

How can designers work hand-in-hand with developers to create faster iterations for Apple Vision Pro development?In the second segment of this three-part series, Brian Mila talks about some of the challenges and solutions we came up with to give our designers and developers equal footing when creating Vision Pro apps. He starts by flipping the design-development process, starting with development first instead of design 🤯. In addition he uses a tool called Judo which gives designers superpowers for speed to design and control over final design output!


Day 12: UX Design For Apple Vision Pro

What tools and skills are needed to design for spatial computing and the Apple Vision Pro?We started asking that question ourselves and realized it wasn’t just a question of toolset and skills; our entire design process needed to adapt! This is part 1 of a 3 part series exploring how we retooled and reskilled ourselves to deliver enterprise Apple Vision Pro apps faster than we ever could with mobile apps.Here are some helpful WWDC videos we found valuable to get started:




Day 11: Touchable Interfaces

Touchable apps in Spatial Computing give the Apple Vision Pro unique opportunities for new types of interactions. Directly manipulating content and apps with our hands in the spatial environment feels very natural and is something our enterprise teams will need to start exploring.

Day 10: Enterprise Use Cases

Common enterprise thinking - "The Apple Vision Pro is cool! What do we do with it?”This is a question I'm frequently hearing from leaders who are contemplating the Vision Pro and where it fits the enterprise. Here are some example of high value uses we're seeing:• Learning & training• Productivity• Guided work• Sales enablement & team engagement• Remote experts

Day 09: Guided Work Demo Part 2

Continuing the conversation around guided work in spatial computing, a few folks commented essentially -- "Cool, but how does it really work?" Here's a deeper dive into Lextech's guided work efforts on the Apple Vision Pro. Bringing 3D elements into the environment is impressive, but I'm really intrigued by the opportunities of 'touchable' spatial experiences. To help 'keep it real', this video does away with the immersive background to show the room.

Day 08: Guided Work Demo

A key use case for spatial computing in the enterprise is guided work. The Apple Vision Pro can empower technicians and other high-value workers with everything they need to prep for work, and keep their hands free while having instant access to whatever they might need to know in the moment. The Lextech crew is super excited about the solid innovations we're seeing come to life for teams that frequently don't have great tech tools to support them.

Day 07: Persona Improvements

The Apple Vision Pro personas keep getting better and are bringing an interesting take on conversation equity where the participant's environment and what they're wearing that day don't get in the way of great interactions (and we don't have to rely on poor background image replacement). Every VisionOS update appears to bump up the quality of the personas to a new level - the eyes in the latest are really good.

Day 06: Persona Mirror

Lextech has released its first public Apple Vision Pro app: Persona Mirror. Put yourself on screen for recording demos, practicing presentations or just checking out your Persona in super size. Go grab your free copy and keep yourself in view when you need it.

Day 05: Spatial vs. VR - They're NOT the Same

I often hear "what is the difference between VR & Spatial Computing"? Next up in Lextech's 30 days of Apple Vision Pro for the Enterprise is a simple example of how VR and spatial computing differ (hint, they're exact opposites - one takes me somewhere else via tech, the other brings tech to where I physically am).

Day 04: My Spatial Layout for Work Productivity

Apple's spatial computing beautifully merges multiple devices into a single fluid work environment. Having my Mac screen and Vision Pro windows set up in a single work experience is already magical and going to quickly replace my 4-monitor setup -- and I can move around with it.

Day 03: Get a Demo!

Do I really need to try the Apple Vision Pro to understand it? YES! This is not an evolution of VR, this is very different. VR transports you somewhere else, Spatial Computing brings resources, tools and apps into your current environment. Even if you're not planning to buy one, go get a demo at an Apple Store to really understand it.

Day 02: Bigger Than iPhone?

The parallels between the first iPhone release and the Apple Vision Pro launch are very striking. Both entered a 'crowded' market of apparently similar devices while making very different product decisions than the current players. I expect the Apple Vision Pro is going to rapidly prove out the value of this innovative thinking in the enterprise the same way the original iPhone did.

Day 01: Welcome

The Lextech team and I will be sharing 30 days of Apple Vision Pro insights with examples to show Spatial Computing's enterprise impact. If you have questions or topic suggestions, chime in and we'll address them along the way! It's 2008 all over again...

In every dimension.

When the iPhone was released more than a decade ago, Lextech was one of the world’s first to develop enterprise-grade solutions for the App Store.

Based on what we’ve seen already, we believe Apple Vision Pro will be even more transformative to businesses than the iPhone and Mac were. We’ve made the leap from flat screens to spatial experiences with Apple Vision Pro.

Lextech's Guided Work platform improves employee productivity, bridges gaps and empowers new technicians to learn faster. Linking digital and physical environments provides the right data at the right time in the right context.


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Learning & Training

Experiential learning
Data visualization


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Productivity & Guided Work

Remote expert
Take your office with you
Operational awareness
Technician empowerment


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Other Use Cases

Sales enablement
Security & monitoring
Spatial task management


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Unique Features

Unique features apply to all the use cases listed above: 

Spatial content
Collaborative experiences
Private document viewing

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