How We Serve

We help deliver fantastic outcomes for the world’s most admired companies.

We touch all parts of the employee experience.

Whether you need help with consulting, design and/or development, Lextech has the experience and expertise to deliver.
We will partner with you to dive into the toughest business challenges your company faces.

Technology Strategy Consulting

Vision and Innovation: Combined with business metrics, leading to a plan you can implement

Technology + Business Experts: We help you complete complex technical projects—and for the right reasons.

Speed-to-Value: Results measured in weeks vs. months

Employee & Consumer Experience Design

We used human-centered design principles, similar to those followed by Apple, to help understand problems and design helpful solutions that people love.

User Experience Research: Interviews, ride-alongs, experience mapping

Product Design: Design sprints, rapid product design and iteration

Visual Interface Design: Design systems, interface design

Design Training: Figma training workshops, training for Agile teams

Service Design: Workflow and customer flow analysis and improvement

Technical & Systems Architecture

Systems Mapping and Gap Analysis: A review of your existing architecture to see how new services and technologies fit in

Connecting New Tech to Legacy Systems: We create great employee experiences by connecting to data, no matter where it lives.

Data Maturity: We understand it’s not just data systems, but how people will use the data as well.

Mobile & Web Agile Development

Whether its Core ML, SwiftUI or the latest in AWS technology, we excel at delivering custom software solutions that employees actually want.

Mobile Development: iOS, Android and cross-platform technologies (e.g. Ionic and React Native)

Responsive Web Development: From big desktop experiences to watches and wearables—and everything in between

Agile Development: Scrum, Kanban

Form Factors: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Apple Watch and other wearable technology

Back-End & Cloud Development

Wide Range of Expertise: We go as deep into the back-end code as needed to bring your technology to life, regardless of programming stack.

Cloud Experience: Containers, serverless, dockers and lambdas—we’ve worked with them all

‘Archaeological’ Integration: We excel at integrating with complex, crunchy legacy systems so they can connect to new technology.

Project/Program Management & Planning

We Lead, Not Just Manage: We have proven project experts on our team.

We help people implement changes and refinements to their existing product and program methodologies.

Sensible SAFe: Large-scale agile without the usual large-scale headaches

Application Support & Release Maintenance

Post-Launch Support: For apps in the wild, to make sure we’re proving the strategic and business value of your technology investment

Design Support: For ongoing user feedback (continuous discovery), new feature research and interface design

Development Support: For feature updates, support tickets and operational stability

Infrastructure Support: Ensure flawless performance for business-critical operations.

Product Management & Planning

Focus on Experience: Jobs-to-be-Done methodology to make sure you’re building something users actually want

Deliver Success: Develop product capabilities and value streams integrated with our technology delivery.

Speed to Value: Get your product to market quickly.