Thrive At Work.

At Lextech, we believe every employee has a right to Thrive At Work. We help some of the world’s most admired companies end enterprise workflow chaos. With Lextech, your employees become more effective, efficient and engaged in the enterprise.

We solve challenging business problems by applying technology to help employees thrive.

Saving a national sales force 1.3 million hours per year in labor costs. Reducing the time spent on an inspection workflow by 70 percent. Increasing employee retention rates by 36 percent. These are all real success stories from happy clients.


‘Lextech’s knowledge and expertise helped us forge a powerful and strong relationship.’

Sonic Automotive

‘Partnering with Lextech gives us access to mobile strategy expertise. This partnership will result in significant innovation.’


‘We couldn’t afford to get this wrong. Lextech made sure we got it right.’


‘We didn't just get a great app. We got a partner to help educate our team about the mobile app design and development process.’

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Spatial Computing That Matters.

Crafted by Lextech, Powered by Apple Vision Pro

Break new ground in the enterprise and lead the charge to pioneer spatial computing for your employees. Discover the meaningful innovations that boost efficiency, productivity and ROI.

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We put people at the center.

With Lextech, a focused, measurable and human-centered approach to invest in your workforce produces tools that make happy and productive employees in it for the long haul. Run your company more effectively and efficiently, increase productivity and lower operational costs.

We help leaders think differently.

Forward-thinking senior executives reach out to Lextech's employee experience experts when they face challenging moments, such as when their internal teams need help achieving a key business initiative mandated by their CEO. Lextech helps tilt the odds for success in your favor with our smart blend of applied technology consulting, proven design and expert development.

Our unique approach puts your employees and customers at the center of everything we create. We listen to them, then make sure your company’s business goals are both measurable and align with what employees need most. This enables us to invent better solutions so your employees can experience powerful moments of connection, brilliance and success.

Full-stack enterprise experts.

Our super power: Designing and developing applications to run your enterprise better. Lextech accomplishes this with strategic innovation, user experience design and custom development.

Strategic Innovation

We are inventive thinkers who care about our clients. We serve by understanding employee needs, which helps us apply the right technology to solve big business challenges.

User Experience Design

As an elite group of full-stack application design, development and consulting experts, Lextech stands at the forefront of employee-centered innovation and enterprise workflow optimization.

Custom Development

From cloud data to AI/ML, we help you make the right technology choices that help your employees become more effective, efficient and engaged in the enterprise.

Our engagement together will be collaborative and transparent—no surprises. We deliver what we promise. We embrace nimble methods for working effectively with you.

The trust that we earn enables us to work with the world's most admired brands. We are committed to delivering business value as an Apple mobility partner.

Building trust for 20-plus years.

Here are just a few of the many companies, non-profits and government organizations our employee experience experts have worked with to help their people Thrive At Work:

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