Sales Experience Reinvented

Experience design and iPad app development for 9,300 associates across 100 dealerships in 14 states

Key Stats

Hours saved across sales organization yearly
1.3 million
Size of sales force in the United States
Taps needed to reach desired information
Up to 30

How Lextech Helped

Audited existing tools by working side-by-side with sales to uncover roadblocks and bottlenecks

Designed first-ever connected app experience, giving the sales team effortless access to information at the point of need, eliminating requirements for 3rd party assistance

Developed 6 iPad apps and an interactive video wall to make the car buying process highly efficient and fun for sales associates and buyers

Retail Kiosk

Thrive at Work

Time to sell an automobile slashed from 4+ hours to under 1 hour
In one region, market share grew from 12% to 21%
At launch, employee turnover fell to virtually zero

We are innovative thinkers who care about our clients as long-term partners.

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