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Key Stats

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A global network infrastructure provider faced a two-pronged problem. First, an ever-growing list of networking products for a wide array of uses made it more difficult for sales reps to quickly find products relevant to a specific customer. Second, due to recent acquisitions, field technicians were exposed to a slew of new products they had no experience with but were expected to service effectively.

Lextech partnered with company management to design and develop an iPad app that made it easier to demonstrate and explain thousands of products to their customers and employees.

Lextech delivered an employee experience that allowed sales teams to quickly show and share products to prospects. This included 360-degree interactive product views, rich media and cut-away cross sections.

Lextech addressed how the app would store and cache product data so it would work elegantly offline or during spotty connectivity. Lextech also helped the company create an easy way to deliver content updates with minimal disruption to app users.

The Result

The company gained new capabilities by having products showcased on iPad. During trade shows, sales reps were no longer chained to a physical booth. Instead, they could roam freely and share product demos instantly. Customers could interact with the iPad to help them learn more about a specific product.

This made sales reps feel comfortable knowing they were sharing reliable, trusted information. It also reduced the risk of accidentally showing the wrong types of products, thanks to a re-organization of how products were categorized within the app itself.

In addition, field service technicians found the app useful. If they needed to find detailed product information while on the job, they used the same app to easily navigate to relevant product specs during installations or repairs.

"In working with Lextech, we didn’t just get a great app," said the client. "We got a partner to help educate our team about the mobile app design and development process."

In working with Lextech, we didn’t just get a great app. We got a partner to help educate our team about the mobile app design and development process.

How Lextech Helped

Designed an employee experience on the iPad to demonstrate solutions and remove requirements for being “in booth” at trade shows

Invested in long-term success by designing an app and administration portal to which sales leadership could add new content without Lextech’s assistance


Thrive At Work

Decreased spend by eliminating need for costly physical equipment
Removed sales obstacle of needing to be in the trade show booth to demonstrate products, giving sales freedom to perform anywhere
Expanded opportunities to sell outside of trade shows

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