Tuning Up Employee Performance

By Brian Mila, Principal Designer

An experiment in mapping employee skills

One great way to retain great employees? Help them grow the future skills they find most meaningful to their career.

But as a manager, how do you make sure those skills complement and balance with other team members, and also align with the future needs of your company? Principal designer Brian Mila shares a creative and innovative experiment in skill mapping (built in Figma) that he uses for the design team at Lextech.

"I wanted a way to allow our team to grow and develop their skills in a way that both aligned with Lextech’s business goals and also provided a way for them to stretch into new areas that they were interested in learning," Mila says. "I realized we didn’t have a way to track that today, so I created a skills matrix that allowed us to visualize our team’s skills and also track knowledge gain over time."

Read the full article with illustrations on Medium: https://medium.com/@brian.mila/tuning-up-employee-performance-7e5335e596db

An experiment in mapping employee skills

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