Lextech Announces Partnership With Judo

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Lextech takes rapid app prototyping for iPhone and iPad to the next level

Lextech is excited to announce a partnership with Judo, an industry-leading no-code design tool for building SwiftUI apps, to become the world’s first Judo consulting partner.

With this partnership, Lextech will use Judo to help clients rapidly prototype proof-of-concept solutions that end enterprise workflow chaos and help employees be more efficient, productive and happy.

“We are excited to partner with Lextech who share in our belief that there should be a better way to design and build native apps,” said Judo CEO John Coombs. “At Judo, we’re focused on building products that help teams bring their designs to life more effectively, and are excited to see the impact the product has for Lextech and their clients.”

Because Judo is powered by SwiftUI under the hood, this partnership allows Lextech to quickly prototype 100% native mobile experiences that accurately represent the rich and powerful capabilities of Apple devices in the enterprise.

“Our clients can’t afford to wait months or years for pilot programs to deliver meaningful results,” said Lextech President Gary Heusner. “With Judo, we can prototype proof-of-concepts much faster – in just days or weeks – and help clients quickly visualize and validate innovative solutions for their employees.”

Judo makes it easy to design functional prototypes that meet Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Judo’s iOS SDK allows design components to be used directly in code, which is a major time-saver for proof-of-concept development.

As a Judo partner, Lextech will also serve as a consulting resource to enterprise businesses who need help creating proof of concept prototypes using Judo and Xcode in B2B or enterprise design environments, such as helping clients incorporate Judo into their in-house design team workflows or use Judo for rapid prototyping.

About Judo 

Judo is a design and build tool for SwiftUI apps that writes production-ready code for you while you’re designing. Whether you are prototyping, building an app from scratch or looking for a shared design canvas comfortable for both designers and developers, Judo is changing the way apps are designed and built. Learn more at judo.app

About Lextech

As an Apple Enterprise Consulting Partner, Lextech has consistently delivered user-centered experience research and design services to Fortune 1000 clients for more than two decades. 

Lextech goes beyond building great solutions for the Apple ecosystem: Lextech’s business and UX consulting experts make sure your organization is solving the right problem, and then engages your employees to understand their needs and barriers. Lextech’s mission is to free your employees so they can Thrive At Work.

Lextech takes rapid app prototyping for iPhone and iPad to the next level

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