Lextech Joins the EFB UX Consortium As Charter Member

By the Team at Lextech

We are excited to share that Lextech has officially joined the EFB UX Consortium as a charter member.

The Consortium brings together a global community of user experience (UX) leaders, designers, researchers, and design-adjacent professionals to present and discuss topics of interest in the aviation operations space. 

Founded by Vinita Israni, User Experience Manager at Qantas, the Consortium serves as a platform to explore the transformation of technology as it intersects with design and evolving aviation products, programs and processes. The Consortium is a global, not-for-profit organization. 

“This is a unique opportunity to be able to support specialized design professionals in the aviation space, as we strive toward a more collaborative, sustainable, and future-focused vision of our ever-evolving world,” Israni said. “A rising wind lifts all planes.” 

As a charter member along with Qantas, Lextech has asked aviation clients, partners and friends to find designers and others within their organizations who might have interest in joining the consortium.

In addition, Lextech helped the Consortium organize its first event this November during the EFB Users Forum in Barcelona, Spain. At least one future event is planned for 2023. 

“We are so excited to join and support the EFB UX consortium,” said Gary Heusner, president of Lextech.  “This group has the ability to change the way the industry views the presentation and consumption of information for aviation personnel.  It opens a way for collaboration across the industry and puts the employee at the center.  I believe this is an area for growth and a foundation for thinking differently about the way we build solutions.”

To learn more about the EFB UX Consortium and sign up for a free membership, visit http://www.efbuxconsortium.org

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