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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Figma Team Training

The world’s fastest way to upskill your Figma team. Guaranteed.

The future of design is community collaboration, and Figma stands at the forefront of that revolution.

At a time when working remote is the normal, the importance of using design tools effectively is crucial for business.

You probably already know this. Chances are, if you’re reading, you’re part of a team of designers who use Figma every day, just like us.

At Lextech, we started using Figma nearly three years ago.

(The first file? A 200-inch-long customer journey map. We have a neat origin story about why we decided to try Figma in the first place.)

We made a full switch from Sketch to Figma about 18 months ago.

In that time, we’ve learned much about what works and what doesn’t as a team.

After years building our design system, designing new materials for UX research and coding custom in-house plugins, we’ve accumulated a wealth of expertise and devised many advanced techniques to push Figma to its limits.

We also learned it’s difficult to find an expert Figma team ready and willing to train another team on best practices and advanced techniques. We’re excited to be the world’s first to offer Figma Team Training to teams of any size or skill level.

About The Training

If you manage or are part of a Figma design team, Figma Team Training is the fastest way to upskill your team in less than a day.

Because Lextech is a distributed company, we can also share how we use tools like Figma effectively when working remote. It’s routine to us but may be a new shift for your design team if you’re used to being co-located.

Here’s how Figma Team Training works:

You and/or a few key design stakeholders collaborate with Figma Team Trainers to customize the workshop to your specific needs. No two workshops are alike!

We have more than 30 training modules and configurations available, from beginner-level tutorials to master-class techniques. We’ll review the full list with you during this prep session.

We divide the three-hour workshop into three fully interactive modules, with hands-on, follow-along activities and creative playgrounds using shared Figma files. Each module can have up to 15 unique participants.

You can invite different participants to each module, depending on your needs. For example, you might devote one module to designers new to Figma, and another for expert Figma users.

After the workshop, we don’t leave you high and dry. We’ll review how well the workshop met your needs, and share recommendations how to continue the growth of your design team. You’ll also get workshop recordings (if requested), shared Figma files and follow-on teaching materials.

Lextech uses Figma every day to help some of the world’s most admired companies succeed with great design.

If you’re not satisfied with the workshop, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked.

Reach out to for details, or share this web page with your team. Hope to see you in a shared Figma file soon!

Lextech is proud to be an Apple mobility partner.

We have special modules for teams who need help with Apple Human Interface Guidelines and best practices. We can review existing designs to suggest improvements, and share our hands-on knowledge designing for iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS. (We can even talk about how we use Figma on iPad Pro!)

Our Trainers

Nelson Taruc is the principal designer at Lextech, where he led the creation and evolution of Pepper, the company’s internal branding, marketing, documentation and user interface design system. He is one of the co-organizers of the Figma Chicago meetup group. He is a frequent contributor to the Figma community, sharing advanced techniques and helping others work through thorny design challenges. He is also the creator of the Pencil Pal Figma plugin, which enhances usage of the Apple Pencil with Figurative on iPad Pro.

In addition, our entire team of expert developers, designers, product owners, project leads and thought leaders is available to offer their insights for any specific topics affecting your teams, such as getting executive buy-in, developer collaboration, and using Figma with other tools such as JIRA.



$999 US

Significant discounts for design teams on the front lines fighting COVID-19



To schedule a workshop, email