Rescue My App

Already have a broken app? Lextech can help.


Many organizations turn to Lextech for our “Rescue My App” service, where we optimize your mobile app’s performance and usability problems.

  • Examining Issues

The app that the code-focused development team delivered did not meet your high standards and failed to achieve the metrics you set to define success. Our team can help you analyze your app’s shortcomings and deliver a product your company can be proud to release.

  • Creating Amazing Apps

The Lextech design team will create a stunning mobile environment your users will want to engage with in their workflows. Our engineering team uses our hard-earned knowledge in optimizing data for limited connectivity/bandwidth scenarios and keeping our core focus on process improvement and usability.

  • Proven Results

We have performed these services for organizations like a Fortune 500 financial institution, and one of the largest insurance providers in the country, resulting in an improved App Store rating for consumer facing apps and increased employee satisfaction for internal apps.